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Spreading health with Nosha

42 million Americans struggle to get the healthy foods they need. The barriers are many: access to a supermarket, the cost of groceries, and even the time it takes to cook. A diet high in calories and low in nutrients is often the only choice. This leads to high rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, making poverty even more difficult to overcome. Nosha aims to break this cycle.

Nosha for Neighbors

We’ve partnered with the CitySquare food pantry in Dallas to build a program that provides free Nosha to those who need it most. Our pilot study included 10 participants who had Nosha every day for two months.

The results were inspiring! We saw improvements in blood sugar control, anemia, migraines, constipation and even depression. Our participants found themselves more energized and eating healthier throughout the day. We now have plans to expand the program and spread health further.