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The Future of Health!

Nosha is a nutrient-rich meal of organic veggies, fruits, and seeds that’s ready to drink in seconds.

The Future of Health!
Nosha is a nutrient-rich meal of organic veggies, fruits, and seeds that’s ready to drink in seconds.
All the nutrients you need
Nosha is just real, whole foods. Our veggies and fruits are gently dried after harvesting to preserve their vitamins and minerals, and our seeds are finely cold-milled. After blending, Nosha is protected in a multi-layered pouch to keep it full of life.

Optimal nutrition is finally easy

Nick is a doctor who wants the very best for his patients. He champions nutrient-rich foods to prevent and reverse the chronic diseases that afflict so many. But rather than just give advice, he wanted to offer a solution. He created Nosha to do just that. It provides all the essential ingredients for enduring health. Embracing your own well-being has never been so easy.

Protect your health with Nosha
Current disease rates of US adults
  • Overweight/Obese 69%
  • Cancer 40%
  • Prediabetes/Diabetes 30%
  • Cardiovascular disease 27%
  • Arthritis 23%
Nutrition is essential to prevent disease
The experts agree…

Start your day way ahead


Daily Fruit & Veggies


Daily Vitamins & Minerals


Daily Fiber


Ready anywhere, anytime

Fill shaker with liquid
Add Nosha pouch
Shake and enjoy!
Here’s What You’re Getting
Apple, Flaxseed, Spinach, Sunflower seed, Pea protein, Banana, Kale, Mesquite, Carrot, Wheatgrass, Chia, Chlorella, Cinnamon
Feel Your Absolute Best
Brain Boost
with Vitamin E
Immune Activation
with Zinc & Vitamin C
Heart Support
with Omega 3s
Digestive Health
with Fiber
Nothing else compares
Hear what subscribers think
Bryan Gintoft
Nosha is a satisfying breakfast and also my daily multivitamin.
Ashley Nager
I’m using Nosha to make delicious smoothies and saving a ton on produce.
Annie Lord
I love Nosha and the kids do too! It’s such easy way to get a bunch of greens.
Marisa Jones
Nosha gets me to work early and keeps me energized for hours!
Juan Vila
Nosha tastes great and it’s the healthiest thing I could possibly eat!
Xander Ehlers
Nothing helps me recover from a tough workout or long bike race like Nosha.
Bring Health Home
Only available here!


Sample Box

The easy way to try Nosha. Includes 3 Apple Cinnamon and 3 Banana Cacao. You’ll get a free shaker bottle and shipping is free. No commitment. Make a choice that will change your life!

One-time purchase



From: $54 every 2 months

Subscription Box

Just $4.50 per meal. Includes 6 Apple Cinnamon and 6 Banana Cacao. First time orders get a free shaker bottle, and shipping is always free. Pause or cancel anytime.


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